About Us

With 23 Years of Experience, We Continue to Evolve and Develop!

Tulga Fifth Wheel specializes in truck and trailer couplings. We design and manufacture truck and trailer coupling components, including fifth wheels, king pins, pintle hooks, and associated accessories for both OEMs and aftermarket applications.

Established in 2001, Tulga Fifth Wheel has been dedicated to crafting top-quality products in Turkey. Operating from offices in California, we primarily focus on wholesale distribution to vendors across the United States, aiming to fulfil specific customer needs. Our company excels in the installation of various semi-trailer and towing hitches, and has gained recognition for manufacturing and distributing trailer hitches, towing hitches, trailer parts, and accessories.

Tulga’s vision is to be acknowledged as the premier global manufacturer, prioritizing uniqueness and originality in the design of towing hitches and trailers and providing a one-stop solution for a diverse range of product lines. We have the largest inventory of fifth wheel plates, automatic towing hitches, hitch receivers, pintle hooks, drawbar eyes, towing hitches, their accessories and repair kits, adapters, kingpins. Tulga prides ourselves in having a quick turnaround and strive to be one of a kind by offering you the best price on the market. We want to help you and offer you the right product for your needs. As a company, we are always upgrading our products to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers. Our vision is to be the best fifth wheel hitch plates, automatic towing hitches, drawbar eyes, military style and nato type pintle hooks, bumper hitches and their accessories and repair kits manufacturer in the world meeting expectations of customers, clients,  and associates. We aim for uniqueness and s originality in the design of our towing hitches and trailers. We offer a single-window solution for providing various product lines.

Exceptional customer service has always been a core priority and our team, composed of high-caliber professionals with extensive experience, is dedicated to serving you effectively.


Honesty and Reliability


Being Hardworking and Selfless



Esteeming People



Being Open to Innovation and Alternation

Being Focused on Customer

Loyalty to Quality Culture

Open Communication


Respect for legal rights and environment,

Listening the customer continuously, answering the demands positively,

Employee’s participation into the management and providing continuous improvement,

Reviewing performance of Quality Management System continuously, continuous improvement of efficiency, all employees’ understanding and adoption of such approach.

This understanding constitutes the base of Quality Culture of TULGA Fifth Wheel Machine Industrial Products Co.


Since 2001, with 23 years of rooted experience, we aim to provide superior quality with production excellence, on-time performance, and the ability to meet customer needs most efficiently.

We strive to offer the highest quality products and services in Turkey and various regions worldwide with an expert team in the field.

Our commitment includes creating products that comply with international standards,

Delivering services with products certified under United Nations Regulation ECE R55 Type Approval.